Road Construction Technology

Optimizing Methods of the Road Sector for Administration and Industry

Strengthen your confidence in negotiations regarding liability for defects and approval in the VOB contract and get to know the methods and tools necessary for succeeding in the market in the areas of preparation for work, traffic safety obligation, technical code, installation technology and approval.

Course Contents

Bitumen, cement, concrete and asphalt technology
Construction methods: technologies and avoidance of errors
Autonomous installation of an asphalt layer including sampling
Laboratory practice: WPK and verification audit

Group of Participants
Experts or executives in road construction, at road construction offices, traffic authorities and road administrations, road maintenance depots, private construction companies or technical enterprises for road safety

The maintenance and further development of some 600,000 km of road network across the country pose great challenges and important tasks to road construction engineers: not least because the codes in earthworks and road construction keep evolving in terms of material characteristics, installation procedures, construction methods and surface characteristics.

The course includes two classroom modules of two days each and a practical training course that is completed online between the modules. In this, the participants work independently on an online practice task, which includes a task related to a fictitious construction project.

Module Overview I                 
Module Overview II                


Study format:
Inhouse Program
Course fees:
Upon request
RWTH Executive Certificate
German or English

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