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The elite RWTH Aachen University, with more than 260 institutes, is one of the leading science and research institutions in Europe and currently, the largest university for technical study programs in Germany with more than 45,000 students. The University of Excellence has long stood for an internationally perceived hotspot, where innovative answers to global challenges are provided. Especially in recent years, RWTH Aachen University has been able to further sharpen its profile by strengthening the natural sciences and promoting interdisciplinary research, thus developing into an integrated interdisciplinary technical university.
Their manifold impulses are already having an impact on Aachen and the border triangle of Germany/Belgium/Netherlands. In fact, an innovative knowledge community is emerging here, which is strongly networked with world-leading research and industry partners.
Whatever its focus, RWTH Aachen University always succeeds in finding the right people in their own ranks and bringing them together in such a way that new research can lead to success.  

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Cooperation with The RWTH Aachen University

Due to the university's broad positioning in the area of ​​cooperation, both in the economy and in the national and international higher education landscape, and the close business connections of our professors with different economic sectors, teaching and researching in the RWTH have a high practical relevance to current applications, future issues and development trends, which are unparalleled in the German higher education landscape.

The campus of RWTH Aachen University is one of the largest technology-oriented research landscapes in Europe with a size of 800,000 m², offering a potpourri of partners with the excellence clusters biomedical engineering, sustainable energy, photonics, production engineering, heavy duty drives and smart logistics. Here, more than 280 companies are involved in order to exploit synergy effects and to create in partnership sustainable innovations. The lighthouse project e.GO, the second electric car manufacturer that emerged from this cluster after the StreetScooter, was also created in this creative environment. This and many other examples show which development processes and potentials can be realized by Industrie 4.0.

We as the RWTH International Academy, officially providing training and further education in the name of the RWTH Aachen University, work closely with this network of companies, associations and other research institutes. Our goal is to make modern knowledge from research and science available for our participants. In this way, the participants learn how theory works in practice, namely in the laboratories, test stands and test halls of the network partners.

While organizing and modelling our education courses, our main priority is to pass on the accumulated excellence knowledge of the RWTH Aachen to our participants. This is how the curricular course contents are developed in close cooperation with renowned faculties of the RWTH Aachen, which stand for the outstanding quality of the course contents.

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