Communication in Industry 4.0

Upgrade for your Production Network

Optimally exploit the potential of a continuous production network and understand its implementation. Moreover, you will get to know interactive information networks and learn to create scalable networks by applying technologies and theoretical concepts (among them OPC UA, DDS, MQTT, and RabbitMQ).

Course Highlights

Generating communication networks between man, machine, and devices
Intra-device / device-2-device / machine-2-machine / machine-2-application / intra-factory
Workshop: OPC UA, DDS, Rabbit MQ, MQTT, ZERO MQ, Linux, ROS
Case study: data-driven process optimization and interoperability in real time

Group of Participants

  • from the area of mechanical engineering and/or electric engineering
  • with fundamental knowledge of communication in computer networks

Networked production creates interoperability between formerly proprietary, separated systems. With continuous communication between the elements of a production network, intelligent, self-learning and self-regulating systems are generated which autonomously optimize themselves based on current sensor technology. Efficient processing and analysis of data allows companies to respond to changed framework conditions in nearly real time and to adaptively adjust their production processes.

The course takes place on five consecutive days and ends with an exam. Course content is developed and consolidated in interactive lectures, group work, presentations and case studies.

Scientific Lead & Speakers
Module Overview


Study format:
Certificate Course
upon request
Course fees:
upon request
RWTH Executive Certificate
German or English