Communication 4.0: Advancing your Production Network

Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things are much more than just buzz words, they are describing the idea of networked production. Exactly this networked production has processing and analytical capabilities at each node and can exchange information (not just data) between one another. This enables new opportunities of monitoring, optimisation and control, but also requires additional skill to build and maintain such systems. The domain experts as well as the IT has to work closely together. Both sides need to understand the idea of the underlying concepts as well as the problems that may arise. The communication technology is the glue, and therefore one of the core technologies required for such modern production systems. Hence, every engineer and IT-specialist who wants to work in such future systems should start to understand these concepts and to use them.

This course aims at an overview on the basic communication technologies in modern production facilities. The trainers will provide a survey on common theoretical concepts as well as corresponding technologies that implement the concepts – like OPC UA, DDS and RabbitMQ.

Within this module, semantic modeling in different application areas and middleware solutions that allow data centered communication in dynamic distributed systems are exemplified. The module contains several practical units. As a conclusion, the participants implement an integrated solution on real hardware.

The course will be completed with an examination.
Affiliated to this, successful participants will receive the official RWTH Executive Certificate.

Tip: Combine this course with any of our engineering courses to further your knowledge on Cyber-Physical Systems and Intelligent Robotics. For more information and courses to choose from, please click here.

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Study format:
certificate course
5 days
16/04 - 20/04/2018
Course fees:
2,750 €
RWTH Executive Certificate

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