Student Life in Aachen

This page provides information that will help you to get settled and enjoy your life in Aachen, be it regarding culture, sports or helpful institutions.

Aachen - Live where History meets Technology

Aachen’s historic center around the distinctive cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site, is characterized by its student life. In the old town center, with its pubs, restaurants and shops, one can literally touch European history. In adittion to this, the great number of students makes student life in Aachen a vibrant and unique experience.
Only a few kilometers from the city center, one can find the “Border Triangle” where the frontiers of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet. The attraction of living in this area includes a colorful mix of languages and people as well as short travel distances to cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne or even Paris. The hilly Eifel landscape with its streams, dams and forests offers a picturesque countryside right on the city's doorstep.

Experience Internationality in the Heart of Europe

Culture & Sports

  • Extracurricular and leisure activities: you can find something for everyone here, from choirs and musik groups to student initiatives with a focus on sustainability. Take a look at the list provided here.
  • Cinemas: the Cinecarree is the biggest cinema in Aachen and is located close to the heart of the old city. Besides that, there are others like the Apollo, the Eden Palast and the CAPITOL.
  • Museums: the range of museums include a newspaper museum, exhibition space for international art, a cathedral treasury and many more.
  • Theatres: Students can get a great discount and enjoy cassic and mordern plays in the main theatre as well as smaller theatres.
  • Aachen Sports League offers training for several types of sport, from soccer to table tennis
  • Spa/Hot Springs: Aachen is very famous for its hot springs. Visiting the Carolus Thermen is a great way to relax, especially after a tough study week.
Aachen city

Summer Mentor Program

All our Summer School programs have their own Summer Mentors, who will help our participants to get to know Aachen from a true student’s perspective. The mentors, who are typically students enrolled at RWTH Aachen University, talk about academic and cultural practices in Germany and are part of our social events.

What to expect as a Summer School participant:

  • Have a buddy even before your course starts
  • Build lasting friendships with German students
  • Get to know Aachen and the university from a student's perspective
  • Practice your language skills on a day-to-day basis

For RWTH & FH Aachen Students:
Are you interested in becoming a Summer Mentor? Click here!

Peer to Peer Mentoring Program (P2P)

Our senior students are there to assist by taking responsibility for a small group of new fellow students of their same study program. Your senior mentor can help you to get to know the university, the course structure, the city and the student life and will be present to answer any questions you may have after your arrival in Aachen.

  • Although the senior mentor has few responsibilities, it is important to them to welcome you as a fellow student to the city and the university.
  • A senior mentor is an experienced International Academy student that has studied in Aachen for two semesters or longer.
  • They would like to share their knowledge about living and studying in Aachen with you.
  • They assist in answering any general questions you may have. Which supermarket is best? What courses are mandatory? Which bus goes to campus Melaten? Where is the library? How to get in contact with student unions? Which place is the best to have lunch at?
  • They will get in touch with you via email before arrival and attend at least one IntAc event with you.