One of the services that the Master Office provides to new students is assistance in finding accommodation. Students in Aachen may either live in a private apartment, share a flat with other class mates ("Wg") - a cheap and fun alternative to the dormitories, or in a student dormitory (~10 %).

Please calculate at least 350 EUR per month for accommodation.

General Information about Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation

Sometimes it is hard to find accommodation in Germany while you are still in your home country. Luckily, there are several hostels and budget hotels in Aachen that could provide another option in the initial weeks following arrival. More information:

Short Term Accommodation

Private Sector Accommodation

Most students live in private flats in Aachen. An apartment for a single person costs around 350 EUR - 500 EUR. Another popular option is a shared flat with other students, called "WG (Wohn-Gemeinschaft)", which might cost you around 300 EUR to 400 EUR. Usually, every student has his own room in a WG, while kitchen and bathroom are shared. More information:

Private Sector Accommodation

Student Dormitories

Accommodation in Aachen


A room in a student residence is the cheapest option (210,00 -300,00 EUR), but the waiting lists for these rooms can be anywhere from a couple of months up to a year. More information:

Student Dormitories

Living in Neighbouring Cities

Aachen Surroundings


In order to increase your chances of finding a room or an apartment, it is important to be flexible regarding the location, and take the outer city regions of Aachen into consideration (Richterich, Haaren, Laurensberg, Brand, Eilendorf, Kornelimünster, Walheim) as well as neighboring cities Würselen, Herzogenrath, Kohlscheid, Alsdorf, Eschweiler, Stolberg, Vaals, or Kelmis.

More information:

Living in the Neighbour Cities


Katharina Heck
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How to find accommodation in Aachen? | pdf, 2 MiB
Housing and Cleaning Advice | pdf, 1 MiB
Application Student Dorm | pdf, 1 MiB
Tips for a Great Flat Share | pdf, 2 MiB
"Wohnungsgeberbestätigung"- Landlord Confirmation | pdf, 72 KiB