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Student Life

The great number of students makes student life in Aachen vibrant and unique. Not matter if you are interested in sports, arts or culture, there are plenty of options to enjoy your student life. This page will provide you with information that will help you to organize and enjoy your life in Aachen, be it regarding culture, sports or helpful institutions.

RWTH International Academy

The RWTH International Academy aims to make your stay in Aachen both as productive and as exciting as possible. For the latter purpose, we hold a whole array of experiences and activities in store for you: we provide an extensive social and cultural programme starting from day one of your time in Aachen.

RWTH International Academy Activities
RWTH International Academy Newsletter
Peer-to-peer Programme by the International Academy

Other Student Support Initiatives

Furthermore, there are plenty of other institutions and student clubs in Aachen that help international students to get settled and who support international exchange and intercultural communication.

BeBuddy Programme of the RWTH Aachen University - Mix with German students
International Student Clubs
Evangelic and Catholic Student Communities
Useful links and institutions at the RWTH Aachen University

General Practical Information

The following paragraphs provide you with information about cultural and social activities, medical care, transportation and legal advice.

Events, Culture & Sports in Aachen
Transportation in and around Aachen
Medical Care and Safety
Legal Consultation